Dr. Christie Sowby has taught several piano courses at different universities and has received many positive reviews. Check out comments from students.

“You’ve been an excellent teacher. The best I’ve ever had.” -AH

“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. You are by far one of the nicest/best teachers I’ve ever had. Thank you for always believing in me even when I’ve given you numerous reasons not to.” -NW

“I really enjoyed the class.” -MH

“You were so helpful. Thank you for being so positive and for facilitating such a comfortable environment! I really enjoyed your class.” -CM

“You are a great teacher! I love that you took the class so seriously even though it is a beginning course. You taught us professional technique and made us feel good about our accomplishments.” -VH

“You inspired me to continue with piano.” -JL

“You did a wonderful job of teaching us and met the needs of everyone.” -CS

“I liked how she used her expertise to kindly help her students to achieve their own form of excellence. Something I appreciated about Dr. Sowby was her sweet disposition. She was never intimidating, which created a comfortable environment for us all to learn. Another thing I enjoyed was that she was open to feedback, and when we had ideas for ways we could cover the curriculum, she allowed us to learn in our own way. Very awesome. This was the best group piano class I have taken as a university student! The material was well thought out and planned for. Dr. Sowby was so understanding and easy to work with. She actually taught the concepts that we were supposed to learn instead of just expecting students to already know how to do them. I learned so much from this class.” -anonymous final review

“You are amazing and when I was having a bad day you cheered me up.” -AD

“You are an amazing instructor and I have truly enjoyed this class.” -SK

“Thank you for caring so much! I learned a lot.” -DO

“You have a positive attitude and genuine love of teaching.” -BG

“You are such a fun and amazing teacher and I loved your class!” -PZ

“Thank you so much! Best class ever!!!” -EH

“Thank you for being so positive and happy.” -JG

“You were willing to take things slow when we needed it, but still pushed us out of our comfort zones.”

“I literally could not have asked for a better introduction to piano.”

“Thank you for being so encouraging and helpful! I loved this class.” -MS

“I loved the environment! It was comfortable and fun to be in. I loved learning from you.” -KP

“You broke down FERNA for us and taught us a really good way to learn music.” -AC

“I enjoyed the atmosphere. I never felt bad about asking questions I had. I have liked learning to play and the professor’s positive attitude.” -JR

“You brought the class up.” -TG

“Thank you so much for everything you have taught me! I hope to stay in touch, I will be forever grateful to have had such a wonderful piano instructor. Thank you for your patience and willingness to help.”

“I enjoyed your enthusiasm and passion for music. I learned well because you had a pattern and style you stuck to.” -HH

“I have never touched a piano in my life and Dr. Sowby helped me so much to understand the piano and take it one step at a time. Dr. Sowby is the nicest, kindest person I have ever met. She not only is an amazing teacher but will do anything in her power to make sure you are getting the concepts and responds to quickly when you have any questions or concerns about anything.” -anonymous final review

“I loved that you would send messages to help us prepare for tests and give feedback via Canvas.” -AT

“This was the funnest class I’ve taken. It was way fun!” -LE

“You are very hands-on and super helpful! Thank you for being so helpful and patient throughout the semester.” -CK

“Thank you for teaching me something I will take with me for life.” -CK

Thank you so much for teaching me a lot about piano and music in general. I had about 10 years of music experience but your class added so much more to my music knowledge.” -AA

“Thank you for such an amazing semester! Truly this was one of the most incredible classes and I am grateful for the skill that I am gaining with piano. Thank you for being so easy to communicate with, and for providing such an efficient way to learn at home!” -JC

“Thanks for everything, you are an amazing piano instructor and amazing person! I will miss having a class with you.” -SL

“Professor Sowby is an awesome instructor, she explains things so that everybody can understand them, and give multiple strategies for learning and developing new techniques.” -anonymous final review

“Dr. Sowby is incredible and helped teach us the best ways to learn the piano, all the challenges she brought us made us stretch our piano muscles and helped us grow.” -anonymous final review

“I really appreciated the feedback from playing tests. It helped a ton to hear what things I could work more on and what things I didn’t need to worry quite so much about.” -anonymous final review

“For a piano class, it was really great, I’m not sure I could make it better in any way.” -anonymous final review

“I really enjoyed taking piano with you and am grateful to you for how much I learned and for the success I found.” -BF

“You’ve done a great job teaching us this year.” -JR

“Thank you so much Professor Sowby for such a fun semester. I’ve really enjoyed your teaching style”

‘I learned a lot about how to read music. Thank you for a fun semester!”

“Thank you for an awesome semester! I’ve learned so much in piano.” -JT

“Dr Sowby is the best professor I have ever had at UVU.” -anonymous final review

“Thanks for being an amazing professor!” -JT

“Thanks so much for being a great teacher. I was nervous about starting up piano again in my old age! But you helped me so much.” -EL

“You are really on top of it and a wonderful teacher.” -NS

“I’ve had many piano teachers. You are hands-down the best piano teacher I have ever had! Thank you for being so on top of it.” -KB

“Thank you for everything Dr. Sowby. You are gifted, patient, and kind. Thank you for using your talents to bless others.” -CB

“Thank you for helping us. I feel like I learned so much with technique and wrists. Just myself as a pianist has improved so much as a pianist over the last semester. This class has helped me take the next step. I really enjoyed the class.” -JS

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